Trinity Case Studies

We would like to share our clients business challenges and the solutions implemented for measurable business returns.

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association

To help implement their new business improvement project (BIP), Tri-State engaged in a collaborative effort with Trinity Technologies to define/design, configure, customize and deploy their integrated work management/supply chain system, enabling best-in-class procedures.more »


“A nuclear plant doesn’t run on uranium. It runs on paper,” is a well-known adage at nuclear plants. So it was serious business when Entergy Corporation, the second largest U.S. nuclear generator, decided to acquire a single electronic document management system (EDMS) to synchronize its five nuclear plants in the northeast U.S. Knowing its documents are an asset, Entergy was committed to making viewable the most current procedures, controlled documents, safety reports, specifications, and drawings as well as plant record images to all who needed them. The company took a smart, analytical approach that reflected its leadership and the teamwork that prevails throughout its locations. more »

California Independent System Operator

Trinity Technologies implemented Documentum at California Independent System Operator (ISO), the operator of the state of California’s wholesale power grid. The ISO is responsible for maintaining system reliability and directs the electron traffic on the transmission highway that serves 30 million Californians. The Documentum system has not experienced a single software-oriented outage during a three-year period. more »


Trinity supported the Capital Effectiveness Team in the redesign of its capital asset creation effort. Serving on several task teams created as part of the redesign effort, Trinity advises and facilitates for team members and leaders on work process redefinition. Further, Trinity takes an active role in the development of communication plans and developing strategies to communicate with critical audiences. more »

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