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A utilities mobile workforce is constantly required to access documents, drawings, sketches and procedures in specific geographic locations quickly and efficiently. GeoISE, from Trinity Technologies, offers a unique solution by combining text/keyword search with powerful geographic search so information can be mapped, categorized and searched using geographic parameters or locations and overlaid on a map/network.

This remarkable application supports electric, gas, public works and water company operations, as well as telecommunication companies, in accessing information for mobile maintenance, outage management, and disaster recovery. By placing relevant documents on a map or GIS system, users visualize and see all relevant information related to an address, street intersection, building, etc, spending significantly less time searching for information and ensuring both safe and comprehensive work tasks.


  • Geographic search through map locations to document management systems, websites, portals, etc.
  • Display of the number of documents that are found at a location
  • Viewing of documents and drawings on a map or GIS application
  • Viewing of geographic trends and relationships in business workflows
  • Filter information based on geographic areas of interest
  • Full document management security and permission adherence

Download GeoISE datasheet [PDF, 664 kb]

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